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Vietnam War Videos Videos and documentaries about the Wars in Vietnam 1945-1975

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Old 28 Nov 13, 22:47
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Bratwurst is on the path to success [1-99] Bratwurst is on the path to success [1-99] Bratwurst is on the path to success [1-99] Bratwurst is on the path to success [1-99] Bratwurst is on the path to success [1-99] Bratwurst is on the path to success [1-99] Bratwurst is on the path to success [1-99]
8 Days with the Vietcong


This video is in German. It's from an old broadcoast from the summer of 1973.
It's 50min long. Still I think it might be very interesting for anyone, who is interested in Indochina Conflict.












German journalism legend Peter Scholl-Latour visit South-Vietnam, shortly after the Paris Peace Agreement. He visits ARVN controlled areas and got arrested by the Vietcong/PAVN in their controlled areas. After checking their ID they were given a "propaganda tour" around a major VC/PAVN camp.

Peter Scholl-Latour is also a veteran of the Commando Parachutiste Ponchardier and First Indochina War.

Later in 1976/81 he was the only French/German journalist covering the Sino-Vietnamese tensions/conflict, including visit to Vietnamese POWs in PRC camps and Chinese POWs in Vietnamese camps.
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Old 30 Nov 13, 12:20
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Amazing document !
Thanks for posting as well as German support during those wars (first and second Indochina war).

Last edited by _Dragon_; 30 Nov 13 at 12:29..
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