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Old 30 Dec 10, 09:20
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Originally Posted by american1975 View Post
The purpose of immigration is wage suppression. If the affect of immigration was a rise in wages, the businesses that control the political process would have never allowed it to occur. It's about increasing corporate profits, all other arguments are window dressing or lies.
Yes and no.
There are likely three main reasons for immigration (from the host country standpoint).
1. wage suppression
2. low or negative population growth
3. need for certain skills

Of this, the primary factor depends on the country; sometimes one factor will be paramount, other times all three are working together. Often different factors relate to different target immigrant groups and different processes are involved: You don't have hordes of trained computer programmers and other skilled workers flooding over the Rio Grande - these persons have to go through complicated established immigration procedures. Low skilled workers are almost the exclusive domain of "illegal immigration" which is not really "illegal", since it is quietly sanctioned by the government. This type of immigration truly is designed almost solely for the purpose of wage suppression, hence it's "illegal" appellation, since government - although reflecting the interests of the dominant business classes - does not wish to appear completely hostile to the working class elements of their constituencies. Thus, government figures will consistently and continuously rail against "illegal immigrants" while simultaneously doing nothing to stop it - other than proposing the most ridiculous or expensive means of stopping it (such as constructing border walls). Heavy, prohibitive fines levied against businesses which hire illegals seems too simplistic and the fact that it would generate off-setting revenues for the financing of anti-illegal immigration measures makes it a prohibitive idea for government.
Gravity, where did it come from? - Ben Carson
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