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North Korea The nuclear crisis in North Korea, including testing, sabre-rattling, sanctions, etc.

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Old 10 Sep 17, 14:34
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US looks to interdict NK ships

if you guys haven't heard yet, the US has put forth a proposal to conduct nonconsenual searches of NK merchant ships to the UNSC, to enforce embargoes of crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas, and they intend to do so by what ever means necessary.

i doubt china or russia will ok this, but lets entertain the idea they say yes, or abstain from the vote, or are simply absent from the vote, and the proposal is adopted.

1. seeing the damage merchant ships can cause to US ships, how likely is it that kim jong un would order NK mariners to ram ships attempting to stop them?
2. how likely would it be for kim jong un to issue small arms to ships crews and order them to resist boarders? or send small contingents of soldiers/marines on merchant ships?
3. would they expect the ship's onboard VBSS teams to handle these duties even though current regulations say they're only allowed to conduct compliant boardings? if not the VBSS teams would it be marines or SEALs? would those teams be temporarily stationed on the ships conducting these missions, or would the ship be held gun/missile point until a helo could fly a boarding team in?
4. what would be the best way to approach this? well away from NK shores to reduce the chance of KJU from sending his patrol craft to try to escort ships into territorial waters, but where finding ships would be harder? or nearer territorial waters where chance of conflict with NK navy might be higher, but it will be easier to meet and interdict ships?

the UNSC proposal from the US would have it as all UN member navies being able to do this so it would likely be a multinational force IF china and russia don't block it.

if china and/or russia blocks it how likely would it be for the US to just say 'screw it, we're doing it anyway'? and continue on our own, or turn to NATO to help even without the UN's blessing?

(copy pasted from my post in the naval warfare section)
the answer is on the floor- john roseberry

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A man dies and leaves his name,
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