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Simulations Flight, tank, naval, and any other Sim players gather here.

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Old 12 Apr 06, 17:03
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MonsterZero has achieved enlightenment [1200+] MonsterZero has achieved enlightenment [1200+] MonsterZero has achieved enlightenment [1200+]
I made an IL-2 track

I've been flying the virtual IL-2 attack plane for 5 years and seeing an increasing number of threads pertaining to this simulation I made a track that you can download and play it back with the objective of teaching you a few things if you're inexperienced with this sim. You should unzip this file into your "records" directory within IL-2 main folder. The following are the most important things to know about this sortie (ground attack on vehicles, tanks and train):
  • The fuel load has been decreased to 50%. Flying IL-2 missions you always want to begin the mission with a smaller fuel load (50% at the most) to make the plane more responsive. Flying distances in the game are very short; don't worry about running out of gas in an IL-2 although you can in a smaller fighter. In campaigns you have to be promoted to at least a major before you can alter the fuel load.
  • In the first two passes the enemy convoy is attacked with delayed-action (1 second delay) iron bombs by overflying at zero altitude. This simple and effective point-blank technique gives you time to get away from the blast and assures the limited bomb load is not wasted. Delayed action is the only safe way to bomb in IL-2 unless you drop from a medium bomber at high altitude. In campaigns a truck convoy is often defended by a mobile 20mm Oerlikon gun. The 20mm vehicle is very dangerous and I try to take it out with a rocket. Then I proceed with my favorite zero altitude bombing on the surviving vehicles. In addition to the 20mm cannon truck a convoy often comes with a halftrack armed with an MG-42 machine gun. This rifle-caliber machine gun represents very little or no danger to your armored skin and you can ignore it.
  • To attack a tank with cannon always attack from the rear shooting at the engine deck. Rockets can be used from any angle.
  • The way I attacked the train (by overflying at zero altitude) was actually a stunt to impress you. Don't do it in campaigns because in campaigns many trains have fuel and ammo cars that will explode violently engulfing you in a fireball.
  • Both cannon and machine guns fire all at once because they're bound to a single key on my stick. This is a highly recommend way to engage the enemy with guns because it maximizes damage.
Attached Files
File Type: zip IL-2sortie.zip (60.2 KB, 8 views)

"Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
--Frederick II, King of Prussia

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Old 12 Apr 06, 18:11
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Love that bomb run on the trucks, some explosion there.
Thanks for posting it.
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