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Governments & Organizations Unit histories, OOB, political parties, OSS, Waffen-SS; if it has anything to do with the functioning of military or government organizations, this is the place for it.

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Old 20 Sep 14, 22:26
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Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600]
Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600] Scott Fraser is simply cracking [600]
Originally Posted by broderickwells View Post
That was my thought, but I'm wondering if it wasn't the Saurer RR-7, which were also used as radio observation posts.
That's possible (anything is possible) but the Saurer (Sd.Kfz.254) was built in very small numbers (140). They would be very rare by 1943.

If I had to guess, I would say that they were probably in either an Sd.Kfz.250 or Sd.Kfz.251, simply because they were the most common halftracks that could be equipped with radios and would generally be available to infantry units.

Scott Fraser
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Old Yesterday, 16:35
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Cult Icon has a spectacular aura about [400]
Cult Icon has a spectacular aura about [400]
I'm reading 'Stalin's keys to Victory' (Dunn) and like Glantz he identifies the formations against Blau I-III July-August as being mostly those formed during the chaos of 1941.

These were a mixed bag and generally weaker in leadership, morale, unit cohesion, weapons, and training. Some units fought hard, while others disintegrated under enough pressure or fumbled in operations (like the tank corps (summer counterstrikes) and some infantry units.

The soviet formations moved into the Stalingrad sector in the fall/winter of 1942 were comparably better trained, and performed noticeably better. This trend can be sensed in 'Leaping horseman'.

I think what stands out with the soviet command and control system is its ruthless commitment of combat units in order to execute a strategy. The soviet forces fought inside Stalingrad were outclassed in terms of firepower and suffered from continuous & accurate aerial bombing on a daily basis by hundreds of bombers. It was not like they were spread out on the steppe; they were all concentrated there in predictable city areas. The bombing would only end in bad weather or nightfall.

Originally Posted by Nick the Noodle View Post
This was a major element in the excellent World At War series . From a diaryof a German soldier, you are illuminated on how tough those damn Bolsheviks can be (even if most were actually peasants).
Death of the Leaping Horseman: 24th Panzer division in Stalingrad


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