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Old 07 Aug 07, 15:17
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Strategy First releases screenshots for tank arcade ?Panzer Killer!?

Strategy First releases screenshots for tank arcade ?Panzer Killer!?

Please find attached screenshots for ?Panzer Killer!? Published by Strategy First Inc., a subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSTR), and developed by Digital Fusion Inc, the WWII tank arcade is set to launch in September, 2007, at the suggested retail price of $19.99.
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Old 07 Aug 07, 16:21
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LRB has earned the respect of all [900] LRB has earned the respect of all [900]
LRB has earned the respect of all [900] LRB has earned the respect of all [900] LRB has earned the respect of all [900] LRB has earned the respect of all [900] LRB has earned the respect of all [900] LRB has earned the respect of all [900]
Why is it game makers have to defacto call me a f**king idiot but employing the time honoured phrase "Arcade-style shooter in historically accurate settings"

Get real, if it is an arcade shooter, there won't be one iota of "historically accurate" anything involved with it.

Now, I looked at the screenies, and to be honest, the game looks "nice" in as much as it should. Looks similar to Panzer Elite Action, maybe slight different variation on the theme. Seems like they are offering more types of vehicle to play with.

If you own a decent tank sim now, you might not be too interested. If you already play something like Battlefield 1942, or any of the genesis of that title, you likely already own something better.
It's sad, that the rest of ACG effectively does NOT exist, I won't post on it, and some of the remarks in Politics by some of the members truly does influence my opinions on some of the membership. and it's not a favourable impression.
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