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Korean War The Korean War (1950 - 53)

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Old 12 Sep 17, 03:43
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My uncle enlisted at 15 got found out at 16 and had to go home until he turned 17. Month later ol' Kim the First decided to tour the ROK with an army, and my uncle found himself shipping out a month after that. The following month he was in combat in the Pusan Perimeter. He was only a cook at that point (but being 17 years old), but at one point things were bad and they went to the REMFs and asked for volunteers. He did; no one else though. So he is out on the line with an M1919, the NK's attack and through back his company (Love 38th) and he stayed behind and covered the "withdrawal." When he ran out of ammunition he made his way back a couple miles through enemy held territory until he reached UN lines. That is basically what the citation (Bronze Star w/ V clasp) reads. The only time my uncle mentioned anything to family he put thusly, "when the last belt went through the gun...if there was anyone alive down there all they saw were the heels of my boots." He never talked about what he did, especially silent on the Ch'ong Ch'on (just told people to read SLA Marshall's "The River and the Gauntlet."

I find that most combat vets do not talk about combat. My uncle did not. My grandfather, other side, NEVER talked about WWI though he talked often about WWII (if persuaded). Dad and my uncle's dad was on a DE in the North Atlantic. He told me about the one time they nearly got a sub, but it got away. He never mentioned (as I was to learn later) that the sub torpedoed the sister ship which his was operating.

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