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German and Axis Armor Discuss German and Axis armored fighting vehicles in World War II. This is also the forum for Achtung Panzer.

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Old 21 Aug 17, 05:18
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Originally Posted by Merkava188 View Post
I wonder if the Panzer 4 influenced the development of the Tiger I tank?
I had a quick look at the book Germany's Tiger Tanks - D.W. to Tiger I: Design, Production & Modifications, Thomas Jentz & Hilary Doyle, Schiffer Publishing.
During the early part of the design and development phase that eventually led to Tiger I, the projected weight of the new "breakthrough tank" was originally meant to be around 30 tons.
There are occasional references to the PzKpfw IV having been used as a "benchmark" to help establish some of the parameters for the new tank, which was obviously intended to be more powerful but still built to the same basic design concept.
Ultimately, these parameters - which included the size of the main armament and other attributes - were considerably exceeded.
However, similarities to the basic design & layout of PzKpfw IV are very much evident, even though there does not appear to have been a conscious effort to imitate it.
It seems to have been more of a natural flow-on, in basic design terms.
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