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Vietnam War The Battle for Vietnam. .

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Old 10 Apr 15, 14:26
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New Vietnam book

Hello, everyone. This book details the story of one Pennsylvania high school that lost 15 former students in the Vietnam War. The book is not political. It just tells the stories of brothers and sisters, wives and parents who lost a loved one in Vietnam. I graduated from this high school and then served in Vietnam with 2/32 artillery in 1967-68. I knew about our losses and saw their names on The Wall in the mid-1980s. Once I retired from my newspaper work, I started to think about writing a book to honor those 15 soldiers. I also included stories of 25 other Pennsbury High alumni who went to Vietnam and came home to their families.

The book is called "We Walked Right Into It: Pennsbury High and the Vietnam War." It is available on amazon.com
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Old 10 Apr 15, 18:21
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Originally Posted by 03Fox2/1 View Post
I graduated High School in June 1967 in southern California at the age of 17. I registered for the draft in October when I turned 18. Went off to Junior College in the fall and became a focused but confused student. Dropped out of college and enlisted for two years in USMC in March of '68, delayed entry program, guaranteed infantry and VietNam bound. Graduated from Boot Camp, MCRD San Diego in August of '68, and after Infantry training and Staging, shortly after my 19th birthday, I arrived in Nam in November of '68. I spent my entire tour of duty as a rifleman, a grunt, in Foxtrot Company, 2nd Platoon, 1st or 2nd squad, in 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division. From walking point to humping the radio to finally becoming squad leader, I learned and survived and in the process became a good Marine, yet I did not loose my humanity or my personal convictions, although I was sorely tested. I did not commit war crimes or become a drug crazed killer of innocents, nor did I frag my own officers or become something that many since the war have tried to say about me. Those who try to paint us all with the same brush have no idea about the reality of our war and do great disservice to those of us who stayed the course and kept our resolve. It was often painful and almost unbearable sometimes but it was also very inspiring and honorable as well. We Marine grunts fought for each other and the Corps and our country, in that order. I was not a victim, nor was I common cannon fodder, although there were times our Generals and politicians made decisions that cost us much in blood and needless sacrifice. Many operations and countless patrols and ambushes and becoming a casualty 21, June, 1969 did not deter me from my mission, to survive and bring back as many of my men as possible, all the while taking the war to the enemy. The immediacy and finality of combat has a very quick and sharp learning curve. Since I am a survivor, partially due to good fortune, I feel part of my legacy is to defend the memory of the fallen from attacks against their honor and their sacrifices by those nay sayers who seem intent on taking away the bravery of the many, by exploiting the reprehensible actions of the few. My 20th birthday was in Nam and two months later I returned to the world, outwardly young, but inside a very old man. I have my ghosts and demons to deal with but I have managed to lead a productive life, retire as a professional firefighter and become a Father and a husband. But it still hurts and it still angers me that I have to endure the constant attacks on my character or my actions because I fought for my country in a very complicated and misunderstood war. Hate the war if you must, don't hate the warrior.
Semper Fidelis
My apologies for derailing the thread, but much respect for your service and I'm glad you've come out alive 03Fox2/1. The last line especially immortalizes how I and many others feel; the war happened but those that stood up, whether through enlistment or draft, deserve the utmost respect for their actions regardless of branch of service or MOS.
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Old 13 Aug 16, 09:47
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The guerrilla war in South Vietnam from the late 1950s to 1964/5

What is a good history or histories of the early stages of the Vietnam War, from the late 1950s to 1964/5, before the commitment and intervention of the U.S. fighting arms in March 1965?

This period would naturally include the advisory phase of the U.S. armed forces to the armed forces of South Vietnam during the Kennedy administration.

I would be much interested to know about this period.

Note: If I have posted this inquiry in the wrong section, the mods can shift it to where they think it is most fitting or appropriate.
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Old 12 Jan 17, 03:43
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'Devil's Guard' strikes again!

Slabinkski and others in the squadron had fallen under the influence of an obscure war novel, “Devil’s Guard,” published in 1971 by George Robert Elford. The book purported to be a true account of an S.S. officer who with dozens of other soldiers escaped Germany after World War II, joined the French Foreign Legion, and spent years in Vietnam brutalizing the insurgency. The novel, which glorifies Nazi military practices, describes counterinsurgency tactics such as mass slaughter and desecration and other forms of wanton violence as a means of waging psychological warfare against the “savage” Vietnamese.

“These ****ing morons read the book ‘The Devil’s Guard’ and believed it,” said one of the former SEAL Team 6 leaders who investigated Slabinski and Blue Squadron. “It’s a work of fiction billed as the Bible, as the truth. In reality, it’s bullshit. But we all see what we want to see.” Slabinski and the Blue Squadron SEALs deployed to Afghanistan were “frustrated, and that book gave them the answers they wanted to see: Terrorize the Taliban and they’d surrender. The truth is that such stuff only galvanizes the enemy.”
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Old 30 Jun 17, 00:07
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Just started reading today "The Phoenix Program" by Douglas Valentine. Seems like it's going to be a very interesting book.

Can anyone here verify the information in this book?
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