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American Colonial Era 1660-1763 The growth of North American colonies, often with a change in native & national control.

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Old 06 May 17, 15:51
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South America Brazil

There is a controversy about the discovery of Brazil.
- On April 22 we celebrate the discovery of Brazil. On the same date, only in the year 1,500, Pedro Álvares Cabral.
In 1498, Dom Manuel 1º, king of Portugal, commissioned the navigator Duarte Pacheco Pereira from an expedition to the west of the South Atlantic. His caravels reached the Brazilian coast and came to exploit it, at the height of the current states of Brazil. Amazonas and Maranhão. The news in Portugal was kept secret because of the competition on the part of Castile Spain in the conquest of South America.
An apart Brazilian people says that Portugal had few colonies in front of Spain, yes it is true it had less and Portugal explored all the continents that exist in the world.
They are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. As for the territories are: French Guiana, Easter Island, Galapagos Islands, Georgia and Sandwich Islands, Fernando de Noronha and Islas Malvinas.
.................................................. ..............
Area territory of south america 17 million 840 thousand km 2
Area territory of Brazil 8 million 516 thousand km 2.
Only Brazil in territory is almost half of the territory of South America. A question for Brazilian friends, what the Spanish-speaking countries say, I say this with all my respect with these countries, which adds to saying I am Chilean, I am Aragentino i'm uruguay etc.etc. If all speak the Spanish Castilian language, friends Portugal has of area 92. 391 km2 only Brazil gives more than 90 nations as it is portugal Brazil gives more than 180 nations like Holland that neither half of the territory of Portugal in Brazil fits more Of 270 countries such as belgium, and to finish in the year 1527 the population of Portugal was 1 million 262 thousand and in those times portugal had battles with the dutch french espanoles etc.etc. I am very sorry to hear a lot of Brazilian citizens saying bad about the Portuguese.
Who went to Brazil to steal, but surely many Brazilians do not know what was the first name of Brazil before and be Brazil as it was called Santa Vera Cruz was the first name of the great nation of South America that is called Brazil as Portuguese I have Very proud of the history of my country, what separates me a little from my pride was the mistreatment that my ancestors gave to the native peoples, I say this more to those Brazilian people who mistreat the Portuguese who go to see their roots of origin for these I tell you the real Brazilian people are the Indian the rest of the population is like to North America.
Let's pretend to be hypocritical, all the countries that were colonized by the countries of europe, do not like the england of portugal spain france etc.etc. But there are two things that were the colonizing countries that gave them the language as they gave the names of the countries that still have today, I speak of stories and I will always speak of history.
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