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The Ancient Era Discuss Ancient Warfare! Romans, Carthaginians, Greeks, etc.

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Old 18 Jul 13, 00:31
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Battle of Ecnomus-the first naval battle I read about. and did somebody say tactics?

2nd Macedonian War-Rome invades Greece in force and encounters Phillip V, the "darling" of Greece.
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Old 18 Jul 13, 13:11
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Off the top of my head The Battle of Carrhae

The Parthians only sent there cavalry an sent there infantry off to quell a rebellion or some thing, the mighty Romans were completely crushed
You better drop your flag an withdraw.
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Old 18 Oct 13, 15:57
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3100 BC battle that in end uniting two lands of Egypt. This starting of united Egypt their culture in the end far into Europe peoples and cultures. This battle is only recored on Narmer palette
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Old 14 Feb 14, 14:18
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Yes, the battles between Greeks and Persians, those changed history. We may be living in a different world if the Greeks had been defeated. They time and again held them off. I also feel Alexander the Great won many pivotal battles, changing or adapting to the culture of the conquered peoples. Julius Caesar at Alesia. A marvel of Roman engineering, strategy and tactics. I often wonder, "how did they do it?" Well, if there is a will theres a way..
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Old 17 Feb 14, 12:58
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Originally Posted by Major Sennef View Post
Spartans are also involved in my 'favourite moment': which are the events leading up to the defence and last stand of the three hundred Spartans at Thermopylae. It alternately made my blood boil and gave me goose flesh every time since I read it at age 15. Then and now I thought it the most beautiful story in Antiquity: the hoplites of King Leonidas were so brave in such an epic event, holding out against the army of the Great King, even defeating the 10.000 'Immortals' , but in the end were betrayed by a fellow Greek who showed the Persians a goat path around them.
Allthough the 300 heroes were offered generous terms and could have withdrawn, as many of their allies did, who were initially with them in the pass, they stood firm and died where they were ordered to hold, which resulted in the most moving epitaph I know of.

A couple of years ago Stephen Pressfield managed to capture the atmosphere of Termopylae beautifully in his 'Gates of Fire'
and again I was deeply touched by what happened 2500 years ago.
This captures my sentiments perfectly. I really enjoyed Pressfield's book as well and the story captures what a man can only call "Perfect Courage."
For those who fight for it, freedom has a flavor the sheltered will never know.

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Old 26 Mar 14, 08:40
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Do We Really Think it was that lopsided

U.S. Grant in his biography pointed out how the number game is played to skew history when he noted that Confederate Armies only counted combat and combat support soldier but not the combat service support soldiers while the Union Army always counted these soldiers in their total number. I think its about time that we realize that every Camp follower for Darius was counted while most of Alexander's entourage of scholars, artists, and scribes for running his kingdom. I still find Alexander's campaigns and victories the most impressive of the ancient world, but I am convinced that Darius did not have 200,000 warriors under his command. No matter what Arrian, Plutarch, Diodorus, or JFC Fuller wrote.

Consider...200,000+ defeated by 35,000+/-...

It must have been an awsome sight to behold.

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Old 01 Mar 17, 15:11
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The Ancient Era probably saw the most tactically sound battles, at least in my opinion, so there are plenty to choose from. Take the Battle of Cannae as an example: the way Hannibal enveloped the advancing roman armies and how he could direct an organized retreat of his main battle line to allow the african infantry to close in on the flanks, all while having his cavalry charge from the rear, is short of a tactical genius.

Still, I'd say that my favourite one is the Battle of Pharsalus. I think it is the only time I have seen numerical disadvantage turning into an actual tactical advantage. After defeating Pompeius' cavalry his own charged against the left flank of the enemy infantry, pushing them onto Enipeus River. This meant that the formation was unable to fight effectively, as it became so tight that the shields overlapped, preventing the legionaries from properly using the gladius. Meanwhile, Caesar's lines, which had less men, covered the same lenght as Pompeius' while having a proper formation. Then again, I consider Caesar to be one of the best military geniuses in all times, so maybe I'm biased.
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