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Africa Issues of modern Africa.

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Old 04 Mar 16, 08:41
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frisco17 has a spectacular aura about [400]
frisco17 has a spectacular aura about [400] frisco17 has a spectacular aura about [400] frisco17 has a spectacular aura about [400] frisco17 has a spectacular aura about [400]
Originally Posted by Drusus Nero View Post
The "gain" as you refer to it is precise as it is humanitarian.

Not only do you "gain" the grateful support of all the Zimbabweans that have been left to die, you also "gain" their continued lifespean. Oh of course, they're only tribal idiots aren't they? Not worthy of "humanitarian" help.

Military actions for humanitarian purpose rarely "gain" anything.

Sitting on your hands is a bigger crime than the perpetrators.
So they gain nothing. What about the lives of all the South Africans who would die fighting? Don't they matter?

The thing you're missing is that nations exist to serve their own, not some I'll defined greater good. The South African government is responsible for protecting South Africa, that's all. Zimbabwe is not their problem. Zimbabwe is Zimbabwe's problem and no one else's.
"Artillery lends dignity to what might otherwise be a vulgar brawl." - Frederick the Great

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Old 04 Mar 16, 10:05
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Most Significant/Influential Tank Campaign Most Significant/Influential Fighter Campaign Most Significant/Influential Multi-Role Aircraft C 
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andrewza has a spectacular aura about [400]
andrewza has a spectacular aura about [400]
Nastions don't have friends they have interests.
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CPO Mzinyati
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