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Real Time Strategy Games Discussion of all strategy games that use a Real-Time system, from the typical RTS games to the hardcore wargames.

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Old 17 Nov 12, 22:30
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Post What's that Game Called?

Hey there, Back in 2003-2004 I remember playing this RTS game which was based around Japanese and Chinese culture. there was quite a fantasy element in it and from what I remember you had the choice of four "Clans"?
I remember needing to upgrade your soldiers to the next level by getting them to go to certain buildings to get them to train. What I remember most is that normal soldiers in the Japanese clan could level up to samurai then Ronin. also the Chinese had something similar to fireworks artillery. now this isnt the type of game that had HUGE armies and resources like gold and wood, it had stuff like water and bamboo? I think? if any1 has heard of such a game or knows anything plz answer this thread. also if you had games that need identifying feel free to post it here too.
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Old 19 Nov 12, 17:30
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Battle realms ?


or maybe

Dragon Throne ?

Three kingdoms fate of the dragon ?

Dynasty warriors ?
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