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General Gaming Discussion Discussion of gaming subjects that don't fit elsewhere.

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Old 08 May 12, 13:00
WarPaintApache's Avatar
WarPaintApache WarPaintApache is offline
Join Date: May 2012
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Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict Gold

I purchased this game Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict Gold from "Battlefront" The first and only PC game I own is
WWII Pacific Theater until this additional game bundle, the same company, Battlefront. What I have not been able to do or understand with WWII Global Conflict Gold is how to move the east coast ships to the west coast...It divided into 2 maps with the break in the Maps being at the western side of Mexico. There are these row of red arrows I have tried to reach the other map all that I can think of and still doesn't work. I have contacted "Battlefront" gone through the Forum, with the answers being "No Info" I am hoping that someone understand my problem and knows the answer to my problem while or if Battlefront gets back with an answer. Thanks
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Old 09 May 12, 11:27
lparkh's Avatar
lparkh lparkh is offline
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Place the unit on the arrow. It will transfer the next turn.
Battlefront forum is normally responsive and I have not noticed a post from you there. Maybe you are posting at the wrong place.
It's a great game so stick with it
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Old 28 May 12, 09:20
judae's Avatar
judae judae is offline
Real Name: B Boyer
Join Date: May 2012
Location: woodland
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judae is on the path to success [1-99]
Having started playing war games in 1965 I have all the Strategic Command Games and enjoy them all. I do miss thef ace to face time with a war board game but seems I can't find people to play. Anyway, agree with the previous post, place the ships on the arrows and they will be transferred. Should get an icon stating how many turns until the ships are transferred to the other theatre...G luck...
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