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World War II Discuss WW2. .

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Old 22 Feb 12, 17:44
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ShAA has achieved enlightenment [1200+] ShAA has achieved enlightenment [1200+] ShAA has achieved enlightenment [1200+]
Originally Posted by Pruitt View Post
ShAA, call me geographically challenged if you like, is this KaUR region towards Kronstadt?
Well, it's slightly to the northeast of Kronstadt.

I can't get your link to work!
Strange, it works well on my computer. Do you have Javascript disabled in your browser? Turn it on and you'll see a window with a Google map where you can click on individual markers to see pictures of bunkers in these areas.

the regions mentioned in the Leningrad area are: Kingisepp, Pskov
They sort of were in the Leningrad province but they were separate fortified regions Kingissepp and Pskov are 100-150 km away from the city while KaUR is only 30-40 km away, right next to the old Finnish border.

and Polotsk.
Wonder how it ended up there? It's in Belarus.

Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour

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