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Armchair General Games Discuss the games present in Armchair General magazine.

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Old 26 Jan 12, 15:02
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Tactics II

Two questions for anyone who has played this Icon Game of the tabletop games:

1) did you modify units or missile effects from Corps, Army and Army Group HQ to add interest and either permanent or temporary movement effects?

2) did you reorient Red and Blue end to end to foster seaborne invasions, or from mountains (Blue) to island and forests (Red) to facilitate different force positioning?

I modified units to have one air assault div, four mechanized divisions, and added three ground attack, two fighter, and one bomber unit, and also posted at least six airfields in proximity to cities. I added chemical, biological and nuclear effects for Corps (one square) and Army missiles, and only nuclear for Army Group missile (four squares).

I used end to end for map arrangements, and am experimenting with "top to bottom (if you will) mountains for Blue and Island and forests for Red.

I've had this game since about 1961, played sporadically with a fellow lieutenant, and my kids a couple of times, and as a solitaire game a lot.
Just curious whether others have done the same sort of modifications I have.
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