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ACG's Guide to Free War, Combat, & Strategy Games Online' Here you will find games from throughout the world wide web.

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Old 08 Feb 11, 18:43
gna_b's Avatar
gna_b gna_b is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: phoenix
Posts: 1
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Sites to play risk online for free?

So far I've found conquer club which is OK but you can't tell how good the other player is in a pick-up game. Also I've found victors united victorsunited.com which I like better but it's still in beta. It doesn't have to have the risk map (world map) but I want to play something free online which is turn based conquering other countries.
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Old 19 Feb 11, 04:09
e_i_pi's Avatar
e_i_pi e_i_pi is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: Wollongong
Posts: 6
e_i_pi is a balanced individual [0]
Art of War

I'm developing a free Risk-style site called Art of War. Wish I could tell you the address but this is my first post . If you Google "artofwar risk" it should be the first link.

I'm concentrating on making different combat styles in the form of eras, so in Medieval Era you get infantry, cavalry, navy, siege engines, and castles for instance. I only put high quality maps on the site, and I'm planning on getting another 4 maps on the site in the next 4 months or so. You're more than welcome to join. 5 free games at any one time.

Right now I haven't got cards implemented, by with the Medieval Era you don't even need them there's that much variety in the combat types. This year I'll be coding heavily on the site and dedicating a lot of time to it (I haven't been able to for a while due to work commitments).
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Old 25 Feb 11, 12:04
Badorties's Avatar
Badorties Badorties is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: TO
Posts: 1
Badorties is a balanced individual [0]
We have a site called MajorCommand.com which is also still in beta but quite polished. It's invite only so if you are interested just drop my a line Badorties -at- Majorcommand.com
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Old 06 Mar 11, 03:21
jumper17's Avatar
jumper17 jumper17 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: United States
Posts: 2
jumper17 is a balanced individual [0]

Just thought I would let you and others know that Victors United has the classic Risk style map now. In fact they have posted many new maps over the past month I have been playing. Ask for an invite on their site - they give them out fast.
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Old 13 Mar 11, 03:51
Rooks Bailey's Avatar
Rooks Bailey Rooks Bailey is offline
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Real Name: Scott
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Location: The Tri-State Area
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Rooks Bailey is on the path to success [1-99] Rooks Bailey is on the path to success [1-99] Rooks Bailey is on the path to success [1-99] Rooks Bailey is on the path to success [1-99] Rooks Bailey is on the path to success [1-99] Rooks Bailey is on the path to success [1-99]
Pogo.com just added Risk to their line-up of games. Might want to check that out, too.
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Old 30 Mar 11, 01:55
ryacko's Avatar
ryacko ryacko is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Venice
Posts: 16
ryacko is a balanced individual [0]
www.dominationgame.co.uk is good. It runs with a risk-style framework.
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