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ACG's Guide to Free War, Combat, & Strategy Games Online' Here you will find games from throughout the world wide web.

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Old 02 Mar 09, 12:56
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From the ancient days of Go, gaming has long been a staple for feeding and testing one's strategic mettle. Here in the 21st century, with technology and computers one of the driving forces of human evolution, games not only remain, but have taken a solid and strong hold in all walks of life, from children to housewives to battlefield warriors. Bringing people together from every corner of the world is the internet, and it's there that a vast amount of games live and breathe, waiting for people to come along and battle human wits against electronic ingenuity.

The internet is a huge place, however, and the metaphoric mine fields of bad websites that abound make looking for and finding good worthy games a most daunting task. Fear not, for Armchair General has taken on that very mission for you, and the result is The Armchair General's Guide to Free War, Combat, and Strategy Games Online.

Our crack(ed) team of staffers and readers have over the years reconnoitered these games throughout the world wide web and linked them in the Armchair Gaming forum section. A simple matter of compiling their links into one location, thereby replacing the need to go sifting through pages and pages of forum posts to find them, is how the FWCSG Guide has come to be. As games fitting for the FWCSG Guide are found, they will be added here, making it a continual work-in-progress.

The FWCSG Guide is divided into two sections: Browser Games and Download Games.

Browser Games are games that can be played directly through your favorite internet browser, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Depending on your current computer setup, some additional software, like Flash, may be required in order the play. The game websites are usually good at telling more about this.

Download Games are games where their files must be downloaded onto your computer and installed there in order to play, much like a retail bought game. Again, depending on your computer setup, some additional software, such as a hardware component driver, may be required in order to play. Be sure to read all the information on the game website before downloading.

It should be noted that the FWCSG Guide is only that - a guide. It is meant to provide a link and short description to free war, combat, and strategy games that proliferate cyberspace. Additionally, the internet is a constantly changing place, and websites that are there one day may not be there the next. The FWCSG Guide will adjust fire as needed to insure the games targeted within are live and appropriate.

If you have a game you think may be worthy of listing in the FWCSG Guide, please do so by emailing jim at armchairgeneral dot com, providing the name of the game and the url to the website at the very least. If it passes inspection, it will be included!

So, prepare yourselves to be bombarded with games and more games. The Armchair General's Guide to Free War, Combat, and Strategy Games is go!
Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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