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Laat resisdence of the German Wehrmacht in the II World War.

As the allied tanks attacked central Germany in the II world War, The young soldiers of the Wehrmacht, mostly members of the Hitler-Jugend under16 years old, had to jump on this tanks and paste and lubricate their windows and lukes. They want to stop and force tank-commader to open the tank-tower by this measure. But in realty the tank makes a quick turn and the young soldier fell down and was overrolled. Then there were also the tank-dogs. This were big dogs, mostly German sheperds, which got there daily food under tanks. Explosives and mines were fixed on their backs before their military inset. When an allied tank was comeing, the dog ran to it, crawled under the tank and loosed out the explosives on his back by this movement. The tank was mostly therfore destroyed
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