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Originally Posted by Sgt. Saunders View Post
Over at Operational Studies Group (OSG), Kevin Zucker has a new game series in print and development- over 70 battles from 1796-1815- all of which are based on the "Napoleon's Last Battles" system. The system has been extensively upgraded and is both highly detailed AND playable. The maps are exquisite and the counters are simply gorgeous. Three games are currently available. "The Coming Storm" is a quad game covering Jena-Auerstadt, Pultusk-Golymin, Eylau, and Friedland. "The Last Success" covers Abensburg, Eckmuhl, Aspern-Essling, and Wagram. "Four Lost Battles" covers Grossbeeren, Katzbach, Kulm and Dennewitz. The standard unit is the brigade; map scale is 525 yards per hex; turns are one hour; stacking is generally two per hex- occasionally three. More in the system are on the way. It's truly something worth checking out.
Well it is about time. I would like to see his take on the issue. I was trying to make my own version for Austerlitz. Glad to see it being done. Thanks!
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