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Trailer for Tuntematon Sotilas

So new trailer came for the Finnish film 'Tuntematon Sotilas' (Eng: 'Unknown Soldier') which is to be released later this year (2017). It is based on the book 'Tuntematon Sotilas' by Väinö Linna (1954) and its less edited version 'Sotaromaani' ('War Novel') by same author released posthumously in 2000. Book itself is a classic in Finnish literature. And kinda in the army too. Writer himself served in the Finnish Army during the Continuation War 1941-44 in the 8th Infantry Regiment (Jalkaväkirykmentti 8 - abbreviated often to 'JR 8') and book follows the same route that regiment took. It is based on real events but characters, while based on real life persons, tend to be amalgams of several real persons and/or - especially in the case of officers - caricatures or archetypes. Writer really excels in psychology of the characters and in the characterization of them, especially linguistic things like different dialects come really through in the native Finnish version of the book & movie. Which unfortunately also means that most of the translations would be rated 'rather bad' by most Finns.

This is the second reshoot of the film. Original black and white movie of (1955, directed by Edvin Laine) holds truly legendary reputation in Finland. For various reasons, not the least because it is shown in TV every year on the Finnish Independence Day. First reshoot was made in 1985 by Rauni Mollberg and is in my opinion better movie and more true to the book than the 1955 film in tone.

It features rather typical fairly dry Finnish humor in it such as follow (even in trailer):
- One Finnish soldier can take on ten Russians...
- And when the eleventh comes?

Or when preparing to spring an ambush:
- Soon you'll see how the lord calls upon his own. If they have made any sin please old man of heaven forgive them. But do hurry up, they start coming right now.

Some one's collections of small bits from 1985 film, sort of a trailer of it

For comparison, since i found them on youtube, the first 'assault' of the 1955 film and the 1985 film. Aspects ratios and translations are horrible. For example in one scene mortars are referred to as slingshots. Mortar = kranaatinheitin (grenade thrower), often shortened to 'heitin' (thrower ~ slingshot).
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