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Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600]
Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600] Cap. Teancum is simply cracking [600]
February 16

By Admiral:

1519 Gaspard de Coligny, French Admiral and Huguenot leader
1620 Frederick William, the Great Elector, founder of Brandenburg-Prussia
1807 Lysander Cutler, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1866
1813 Joseph Reid Anderson, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1892
1822 James Patton Anderson, Maj Gen, C.S.A., d. 1872 1823 John D Imboden, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1895
1832 Camille Armand Jules Marie de Polignac, Maj Gen, C.S.A. & French Army
1904 George F Kennan, diplomate, historian, inventor of "Containment"
1942 Kim Jong-Il, "Dear Leader" of North Korea

1279 King Afonso III of Portugal (1248-79)
1391 Johannes V Palaeologus, Byzantine Emperor (1341-91)
1991 Enrique Varela, commandant of Nicaraguan Contras

1270 Karusa Ice War: In Estonia, Lithuanian forces defeated the Livonian Knights of the Cross.
1495 French capture Gaeta (invested Dec 16, 1494) from Ferrante II.
1495 The Colonna brothers capture Naples for Charles VIII of France.
1693 A French-Indian force of 600 men attacks two Mohawk villages below Lake Champlain. French authorities report 25 Mohawks killed and over 300 prisoners taken.
1760 Cherokee Indians held hostage at Fort St. George, SC, were killed in revenge for Indian attacks on frontier settlements.
1804 "The most daring act of the age." So said England's Lord Nelson of it. Lt Stephen Decatur, with Marines & sailors from the American frigate USS Constitution and schooner USS Enterprise, enters Tripoli harbor by night in the ketch Intrepid to burn the captured frigate USS Philadelphia. Decatur's raid succeeds without American losses.
1808 The Peninsular War began when Napoleon ordered a large French force into Spain under the pretext of sending reinforcements to the French army occupying Portugal.
1813 The New Brunswick Regiment (104th Foot) begins its legendary cross country march from Fredericton to Quebec, so as to bolster the defence of the Canadas. Supplies are dragged along the route on toboggans. The only casualty on the two-month winter expedition will be one case of frostbite.
1815 Action in the Atlantic: Frigate USS Constitution captures the brig HMS Susannah.
1862 During the Civil War, some 14,000 Confederate soldiers surrendered at Fort Donelson, Tenn. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's victory earned him the nickname "Unconditional Surrender Grant." Nathan Bedford Forrest escaped.
1909 Serbia mobilizes against Austria-Hungary
1916 Russian troops conquered Erzurum, Armenia.
1920 The Allies accepted Berlin’s offer to try World War I war criminals in Leipzig’s Supreme Court.
1940 British destroyer HMS Cossack violates Norwegian territorial waters, boards German tanker/prison ship Altmark in Jøssingfjord, and recovers 303 merchant seamen from ships destroyed by German armored ship DKM Admiral Graf Spee during her commerce raiding activities.
1942 Operation NEULAND begins with simultaneous attacks on Dutch and Venezuelan oil ports to disrupt production and flow of petroleum products vital to the Allied war effort; German submarine U-156 shells refinery on Aruba, N.W.I. and torpedoes and damages U.S. tanker Arkansas as she lies alongside Eagle Dock; a second torpedo misses the ship and runs up on the beach. There are no casualties among the 37-man crew. The enemy does not emerge from the action unscathed, however, for the explosion of a shell prematurely in a gun barrel injures two men on board U-156, which will receive permission to put in to Martinique. They did succeed in sinking the tanker Pedernales.
1942 Action in the Atlantic:
*Unarmed U.S. tanker E.H. Blum blunders into U.S. minefield off Cape Henry, Virginia, 36°57'N, 75°52'W and is damaged by mine and breaks in half.
*Coast Guard cutter USCG Calypso rescues 42 survivors from Brazilian steamship Buarque, that had been sunk by German submarine U-432 the day before.
1942 Tojo outlined Japan’s war aims to the Diet, referring to "new order of coexistence" in East Asia. During the Japanese war crimes trials, Tojo himself took responsibility, as premier, for anything either he or his country had done. He asserted, however, with the other defendants, that they--and Japan--had made war only in "self-defense."
1942 Action in the Pacific:
*Japanese planes bomb U.S. Timor-bound convoy, escorted by heavy cruiser USS Houston and destroyer USS Peary; U.S. Army transport Miegs and U.S. freighter Mauna Loa are damaged by near-misses. On board the latter, one crewman is killed; of the 500 troops embarked, one is killed and 18 wounded. USS Houston's heavy antiaircraft fire saves the convoy from destruction, but the imminent fall of Timor results in the recall of the convoy and its routing back to Darwin.
*Japanese continue to secure Palembang.
1943 Withdrawing Africa Corps reached the Mareth-line in North Africa.
1943 Action in the Pacific:
*U.S. fighters begin using a new airstrip on Amchitka, the Aleutians.
*Submarine USS Flying Fish sinks Japanese stores ship Hyuga Maru 24 miles off Pagan, Marianas, 18°30'N, 145°57'E.
*Submarine USS Triton departs Brisbane for her sixth war patrol. She will never be seen again.
1943 Sign on Munich facade: "Out with Hitler! Long live freedom!" was posted by the "White Rose" student group. They were caught on 2/18 and beheaded on 2/22.
1943 Fleet Air Wing 16 is established at Norfolk, Virginia.
1943 Red Army liberates Kharkov
1943 U.S. freighter Deer Lodge is torpedoed by German submarine U-607 about 60 miles east of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and abandoned
1944 Action in the Pacific:
*TG 58.4 conducts air attacks and reconnaissance of Eniwetok.
*Destroyer USS Phelps and minesweeper USS Sage sink Japanese submarine RO-40, 45 miles northwest of Kwajalein, Marshalls, 09°50'N, 166°35'E.
*Submarine USS Skate sinks Japanese light cruiser IJN Agano 170 miles north of Dublon Island, Truk, 10°10'N, 151°40'E.
*Submarine USS Tinosa continues pursuit of convoy engaged the previous day, and sinks Japanese army cargo ship Chojo Maru off Sarangani Island, 09°15'N, 127°05'E.
*USAAF B-25s (38th and 345th Bomb Groups) carry out succession of attacks on Japanese convoy off New Hanover and Kavieng, sinking submarine chaser Ch 39, auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 16, and transport Sanko Maru, 02°24'S, 150°06'E.
*Japanese transport Sanko Maru is sunk by aircraft off New Hanover Island, 02°24'S, 150°06'E.
1944 Destroyer USS Hilary P. Jones is damaged by near miss of a bomb off Anzio.
1945 Action in the Pacific:
*TF 58 planes bomb airfields, aircraft factories, and shipping in the Tokyo area, Japan; attack is repeated on 17 February.
*Fire support vessels and carrier-based aircraft begin three-day prelanding bombardment and bombing of Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands. Destroyers USS Ingraham and USS Barton are damaged in collision off Iwo, 31°45'N, 141°54'E.
*TF 92 bombards Japanese installations at Kurabu Zaki, Paramushiro, Kurils.
*Army forces, preceded by naval bombardment and attack by army aircraft, land on Corregidor, Luzon; 503d Parachute Infantry are air-dropped onto the main plateau while the 3d Battalion, 24th RCT is lifted to the island in navy medium landing craft (LCM). Support landing craft (large) [LCS(L)] and infantry landing craft (rocket) [LCI(R)] provide covering fire close-in. Motor torpedo boats also support the operation, at one point rescuing stranded army paratroopers. Submarine chaser PC-1119 is damaged by shore battery, off Luzon, 14°23'N, 120°35'E.
*Special gunfire support unit of six destroyers is formed to provide naval gunfire support for the conquest of Corregidor. Between 16 and 28 February, this unit will deliver pin-point fire that proves a considerable help to the final elimination of Japanese troops on the island.
*Support landing craft LCS(L)-7 is sunk by Japanese assault demolition boats off entrance to Mariveles harbor.
*Submarine USS Sennet sinks Japanese minelayer IJN Naryu southeast of Honshu, 32°10'N, 135°54'E, but is damaged by depth bombs from enemy aircraft.
*Coast Guard lighthouse tender USCG Bramble is damaged by grounding on Lockwood Rock, Wrangell Narrows, Aleutians.
*Japanese army cargo ship No.23 Ryoyu Maru is sunk by aircraft, 14°36'N, 109°06'E.
*PB4Y-1 (VPB-117) sinks Japanese army cargo ship I ida Maru in Cape St. Jacques harbor, French Indochina, 10°20'N, 107°06'E.; Japanese merchant cargo ships sunk on this date: No.3 Seikai Maru, by aircraft, Central Pacific (exact location unspecified); Kaian No.10, by aircraft, Yangtze River, Wuhu, China; and No.2 Nagaoka Maru, by aircraft, off Hachijo Jima. Japanese naval vessels damaged on this date: Coast Defense Vessel No.47, by aircraft, Yokohama, Japan; escort destroyer IJN Amakusa, by aircraft, east of Izu Oshima; auxiliary submarine chasers Cha 211, Cha 225, and Cha 236, by aircraft, Shimoda, Japan; and auxiliary minesweeper Hagoromo Maru, by aircraft, 10 miles south of Miyake Jima. USAAF B-24 damages small Japanese cargo vessel No.23 Yoshitomo Maru off Qui Nhon, French Indochina.
*USAAF P-51s sink Japanese auxiliary powered sailing vessel Minsui Maru in Yangtze between Wuhu and Hankow.
1945 Motor torpedo boat PT-303 and two British motor torpedo boats, operating out of Leghorn, Italy, engage two southbound enemy barges off Vernazza with doubtful results.
1945 Destroyer USS Edison is damaged when accidentally rammed by British merchant tanker Benedick in New York harbor.
1945 Venezuela declares war on Nazi Germany
1951 Stalin contended that the U.N. was becoming the weapon of aggressive war.
1953 Red Sox baseball legend survives: Marine Captain Ted Williams crash landed his F9F Pantherjet after his aircraft was shot up during a bombing raid on North Korea. Williams walked away from the wheels-up landing.
1959 Fidel Castro becomes premier of Cuba
1960 US nuclear submarine USS Triton set off on underwater round-world trip.
1967 Operation River Raider begins in Mekong Delta.
1979 Nematullah Nassiri, Iranian General, head of Savak, was executed.
1987 John Demjanjuk went on trial in Jerusalem, accused of being "Ivan the Terrible," a guard at the Treblinka concentration camp. He was convicted, but the Israeli Supreme Court overturned the ruling.
1988 First combat action by US military advisors in El Salvador
1992 Israeli helicopters attacked a convoy in Sidon, Lebanon, killing Sheik Abbas Musawi, leader of the pro-Iranian group Hezbollah.
2000 In Israel German Pres. Johannes Rau spoke before the parliament and gave an apology for WW II Nazi genocide. In Germany Wolfgang Schaeuble, leader of the Christian Democrats, resigned.
2000 Russia and NATO announced a resumption of contacts that were broken in Mar 1999 due to NATO bombing in Yugoslavia.
2003 The SF anti-war demonstration cost organizers some $85,000. An estimated 200,000 people participated. Some 1000 protesters clashed with police at the end of the rally and 46 people were arrested. A later aerial study numbered the crowd at 65,000.

By Cap. Teancum:

1249 - Andrew of Longjumeau was dispatched by Louis IX of France as his ambassador to meet with the Khan of the Mongols.

1816 Battle of Puente. Columbian Patriots badly beaten by Spanish Royalists.

1838 - Weenen Massacre: Hundreds of Voortrekkers along the Blaukraans River, Natal were killed by Zulus.

1865 - Columbia, South Carolina, surrenders to Federal troops.

1866 - Spencer Compton Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington becomes the British Secretary of State for War.

1873 - Spanish King Amadeo II of Savoy abdicates as Spanish first Republic was proclaimed. The next year monarchy was reinstalled when Alfonso XII of Bourbon takes the throne with support from the Army.

1918 - Lithuania declares its independence from both Russia and Germany.

1933 - Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia strenghten their 1920 mutual defense pact by forming Le Petitte Entente alliance.

1934 - Austrian Civil War ends with the defeat of the Social Democrats and the Republican Schutzbund.

1941 - Remaining Italian forces are expelled form the Sudan.

1945 - Bataan recaptured.

1968 - Tet Offensive results in many new refugees.

1991 - Gulf War: U.S. and U.K. war planes bomb the suburbs of Baghdad, injuring at least 11 civilians and killing three others.

1999 - In Uzbekistan a bomb explodes and gunfire is heard at the government headquarters in an apparent assassination attempt against President Islam Karimov.

1999 - Across Europe, Kurdish rebels take over embassies and hold hostages after Turkey arrested one of their rebel leaders, Abdullah Öcalan.
All warfare is based on deception.
Sun Tzu - Art of war - Chapter One - Laying Plans

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