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Your ability to mix information is amusing.
The Germans did not lose 4 U-boats per warship, actually, they lost extremely few U-boats sinking the warships (including carriers and BBs).
We are talking about late 1941 and the 1st trimester of 1942 in this thread. By late April 1942 the allies had lost incredible shipping t and most of the warships sunk by extremely few U-boats in WW II and the U-boats had suffered ridiculously few losses.

Perhaps the greatest tribute to allied incompetence is the 2nd happy time in which a number of subs comparable to the number of IJN subs I am deploying in the E Pacific sank hundreds of ships along the US coast. These subs were smaller than IJN subs and were deployed all the way from France past strong RN defenses. The allies experienced these enormous losses in urgently needed materiel, men and ships mostly because they wasted huge forces in silly raids such as the Marshalls, Wake, Marcus and Doolittle. In this scenario the axis are operating from much closer bases in Hawaii and E. Island, so that each sub can perform more missions and spend more time attacking, instead of shuttleing to and from base to the front. These subs also have longer range and much better torpedoes than those used by Germany in the first years of the war.

The U-boat losses which amaze You took place mostly after this period, when production was much higher, but allied ASW improved considerably and only because the allies controlled both sides of the small Atlantic. In this scenario, they control only one side of the huge Pacific.

When one compares the number and size of IJN subs, the quality of IJN torpedoes and USN ability in ASW in Dic, 1941, to the number and size of U-boats and the quality of the torpedoes available and RN ASW abilities in 1939 (when important RN warships sank in 2 months), one can but wonder at the wasted potential.

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