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Daniel Duluth & his travels in NA

I've always wondered how far and wide Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut traveled in North America.
From what I've read he travelled from Lake Superior, Lake Nipigon, Ombabika Bay, Albany River to James Bay?
Another trip has him traveling from Lake Superior, Lake Winnipeg, Nelson River to Hudson's Bay?
I also see reference to a trip from Lake Superior, Mississippi River, Missouri River to Fort Peck, Montana?
Reference material:
The History of the Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck, Montana Indian Reservation by David Miller.
The Fighting Governor: A Chronicle of Frontenac by Charles William Colby.
Daniel Duluth: Explorer of the Northlands by David J. Abodaher.
Duluth had quite the effect on HBC Forts like York Factory on Hudson's Bay & Moose Factory on James Bay.
What caught my eye was the distance that he travelled to the west on the Missouri River during dog days on the Great Plains (Prior to the arrival of the horse in Sioux Country) before the Mallet Brother's Pierre & Paul or LaVerendrye & Son's.
Every Soldier, Explorer, Fur Trader had reaching the Pacific on his mind and the only real usable route for the Birch Bark Brigade was the Columbia River.
So close did they come that today British Columbia could have been called French Columbia...

Regards, Patrick

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