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Originally Posted by Ranger Jim View Post


Here's my old map of the AO for comparison:

From Dec '67 - Jan '68, I was located just west/southwest of your circled airstrip, at a place called Binh Son Rubber Plantation (Ap Binh Son), which your map calls Plantation de Long Than.

Due north of your circled location, just north of route 1, is a hill called An Loc on your map and Xuan Loc in mine.

And just SE of the circled location is Blackhorse - home of the 11th Armored Cav Regt c. Mar '67 - Jan '69. So, I'm thinking that your Facs might have been tasked to support the 11th ACR, and the Plantation d' Ong Que airstrip was perhaps an emergency strip.

At any rate, I remember the area between Long Binh-Long Than and Xuan Loc-Blackhorse as being serious Indian territory.

[Hey Aldus and Boonie, y'all have the PAVN/VC OB maps, yes? Who was there back then?]


You're probably right about it being an alternate/emergency strip. Vung Tao is also circled on the map.

The map I got the image from is a 1:250,000 scale map, which our FACs usually put on a wall display along with other adjoining maps. The FACs used 1:50,000 scale maps for actual inflight use. The map in question could have been a wall hanger and, as such, was used for planning purposes.

The 3d Bde may have had the 11th ACR as a partner in some operation at some time in '67 around Lai Khe. Here's a scan of a slide of a 11th ACR FAC O-1 that was taken in '67 at Lai Khe. The 11th had their own dedicated FACs. Their call sign was Nile. They were based out of Xuan Loc and Bien Hoa.

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