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Originally Posted by Herman Hum View Post

...It's not the job of any player to test a database or scenario....

My time has been wasted thrice finding bugs that were discovered within minutes. I will not be wasting any more time pointing out such glaringly obvious database errors especially since any more efforts yield no results. If I have my time wasted encountering them, you can spend your own time actually hunting them down yourself. (a.k.a testing)...
I've never thought it was anyone's job to test my scenarios, but Harpoon is a community (at least, the Harpooners I know feel that way). We talk to each other. We help each other out. We share ideas and techniques.

For example, I'm not a database editor. I have no official connection to Harpoon. I'm just another player. It's not my job to help, either, but I like Harpoon, and I do not mind helping out when I can by writing scenarios, reporting any bugs I catch, etc. It's just not a big deal to me. And I do test my scenarios, but I know that with something as complex as Harpoon that I might miss something, so I try not to get upset if someone finds a bug or an error that I missed. I report it and do whatever else I can to solve the problem. It's not my job. I just do it because I like to.

If you feel that playing my scenarios is a waste of your know, you don't have to play them. You've made it clear that you don't like the HUD-4 and you've said you aren't interested in helping improve it. Frankly, it seems a little silly for you to keep playing my scenarios if you're only doing it to see how soon you can quit.

I'd like to get back to some real content here. Has anyone had a chance to play the whole scenario? If so, what did you think? Did you like the concept? How challenging was it? What could be done to make future scenarios better and more interesting?
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