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Originally Posted by Mgellis View Post
The issue with the RUR-5A Mod 4 (Mk46m5) missile has already been reported. Of course, there shouldn't be any of those in this scenario (the American DDG and the CG both use a VLS system and I don't think the RUR-5A can be loaded in it), so I'm not sure how the error even cropped up this time. At what point did the error occur?

Does anyone have any other feedback about the scenario?
The link was wrong. It should have been:

the predominant game problem encountered with the HUD4 is the fact that many, Many, MANY weapons fail to fire.
Because of that oversight, I'll give you your third (and final) freebie. It's not the job of any player to test a database or scenario. The database bug is the inabilty of the MH-60S Knighthawk to fire the AGM-114A missiles at any ship under any speed, altitude, range, or circumstance. The fact that these ASROC and MH-60S bugs are so easily found with just the most superficial testing is simple testament to the incredible bugginess of HUD4.

My time has been wasted thrice finding bugs that were discovered within minutes. I will not be wasting any more time pointing out such glaringly obvious database errors especially since any more efforts yield no results. If I have my time wasted encountering them, you can spend your own time actually hunting them down yourself. (a.k.a testing)

Once again, I will pre-empt the usual stupid excuses of:
1) It has been reported (since it isn't a fix)
2) It will be fixed in the future (since the scen was released for play TODAY)
3) Find another weapon that actually works (since it isn't role of a player to need to FIND something that actually works)
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