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Originally Posted by don744 View Post
The wheels are coming off the gravy train. When this started, the SOF community found big holes in Giducks background, false claims of service in SF, and reacted to his unconscionable release of PII on the web of an active duty SF Soldier while we are engaged in a war on terror. He claims to be a terrorologist; maybe he's just not a good one., the veracity of information in the book itself is highly suspect. There is a Russian site dedicated to the Beslan siege...and they not only corroborate much of the info posted on SOCNET concerning forged Russian government certificates, but they dig into the story line and statistics in the book. The result is not good for Mr Giduck. If interested, here is a link to get up to speed with recent goings-on:

Your link also has a new post about John Giduck's close ties to a group that the Washington Times reported may have been involved in the bombing of a US Embassy.

That little tidbit will be hard for supporters to white wash away....
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