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Originally Posted by MarkV View Post
Usually merely disperses it and the collateral casualties provide additional propaganda material for its advocates and proselytizers
Doing nothing isn't going to stop it either. If you kill enough leaders, and they lose enough followers, the supply of volunteers might start to dry up. After a while, volunteers might start having second thoughts if becomes very likely they are going to die. It one thing to talk about a possibiliyt of death, it is another thing to face a near certainty.

Libya was a center of sponsoring terrorist acts, but after being attacked by the US in retaliation, Gaddafi quieted down, and you didn't hear much about Gaddafi anymore. The Ben Laden's are conduction the suicide bombing themselves, the ISIS leaders and the like get others to commit suicide. But there are not an infinite supply of terrorist leaders or would be suicide bombers, and if you kill enough of them off, maybe the radical Muslims will run out of both.

Very difficult, I know, since much of the root problem is deeply rooted in Islam itself, there are traditional aspects of Islam that csn be used to promote that kind of terrorist actions. The portrait of the Muhammad painted by even the authentic Hadiths can by some be interpreted as supporting is terrorist acts - a man who had people killed just for criticizing him,who killed and enslaved people who did not threaten him, who sanctioned robbery of enemies. What ISIS is doing is, unfortunately, many of the things Muhammad himself is portrayed as doing in some hadiths.. Still, the Muslim world can reject these hadiths, even if they are traditional, and repudiate the actions of Muhammad, saying they no longer have a place in the modern world. Kill off enough of the radicals, and that will leave the moderates.

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