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Who the hell has demonstrated that the fleet cannot remain in Hawaii? Certainly not even according to Tinkerbell.

It takes more fuel to sail back to Japan than to remain in Hawaii and then sail to the Marshalls

Without wasting shipping in long campaigns in Luzon, Malaya, HK, Wake, etc, There is certainly enough shipping to supply a few batallions and hundreds of planes in Kauai, Maui and eventually the Main Island.

I am fed up with your idea that the US were invincible and the Japanese could not transport anything, the fact is that while the US did nothing but lose and launch the absurd Marshalls, Wake, Marcus and Doolittle raids(despite having a huge fleet), the Japanese were moving large forces over huge distances. The US with its infinite capabilities could not save even Java or Timor, much closer to Australia than to Japan.

George Welch was not the heir to the juice company, his actual family name was Schwartz and he and Taylor shot down a few Vals with fixed undercarriage and a Zero w/o ammo and he got the distinguished service medal for that and You use that as a paragon of good performance. The fact is that shooting down Vals with a P-40 and getting his plane riddled does not take a genius nor deserve the highest USAAF medal. Like I wrote, it is incredible that despite having Radar, a large number of fighters and extremely abundant AAA Japan lost only 15 Vals, 5 Kates and 9 Zeroes in 2 waves. Yet Nebfer and You are convinced that a 3rd wave with 72 Zeroes would be Swatted like flies. Not only did the brilliant USAAF have P-36s, they also had ridiculous P-35s in Oahu! Non plus ultra logistics, tactics and strategy.
Only the British matched such wisdom by using Gladiators as land based planes in Norway, France, Malta, etc, Regardless of how many excellent planes Britain and the US produced, pilots had to fly junk at the front at the crtical time:
Hurricanes in Malta until the spring of 1942, P-35 on 7 Dec, 1941, Buffalo in Midway in June 1942 (while there are plenty of P-38 elsewhere), etc,
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