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Originally Posted by Massena View Post
Could you please show a reference that the Founders admired the Moslem conquerers in the Middle East and Africa?

Further, the idea that Locke's ideas 'resembled Islamic teachings' is interesting. Perhaps you could give examples?

Locke was a supporter of the social contract, the consent of the governed, the state of nature; and the natural rights of life, liberty and property. He was one of the philosophers that certainly did influence the Founders, but he was not the only one. The ideas of Montesquieu, Rosseau, and other of the philosophes certainly influenced the Founders, as did a look back to ancient Rome.

The Founders were children of the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, and they looked to their philosophical antecedents for examples on how to govern and to justify rebelling against Great Britain.
The fiqh council site is the one discussing Locke and Islam. Here are dozens of links showing a reported admiration the founders had for Islam.

I can not gauge your tone but even if your a critic of Islam so be it to each their own. Also yes I understand the Founders were motivated by numerous sources. I could understand Americans who view Islam and Muslims as all being big bearded people who view Islam as a conquering religion...that false view that Muslim men and women are all conservative in dress and only want to conquer others was propagated by British Missionaries in Afghanistan during the great game years.. See the British Gov and Jihad written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1900 which shows how Muslim and Christian preachers alike hyped up a false view of Jihad that allows for Muslims to attack civilians and other such acts.

The founders were motivated by numerous religions including the three religions of Abraham, the Persian and Roman Empires. Individuals such as Cyrus the Great and Henry the II for example. Henry II contributed greatly to English Common law which influenced the law system of the US.

I dont see early Muslims as being religiously conservative nor did Persian artists of the middle ages see Islam as a conquering or violent religion. What are your thoughts on Islam though? Keep in mind I also admire Martin Luther as well as Joseph Smith two figures celebrated tremendously in the USA. The Mormon Brigham Young had over 50 wives and has a major University named after him in our country.
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