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Originally Posted by Pruitt View Post
You are misreading my post. I never implied that Guard formations never served in Iraq. I was trying to say they never served in the initial invasion of Iraq. There were not as many formations available to send for an invasion as in Desert Storm. The list of inactivated divisions and brigades is long. Since you are web searching my posts I will let you find which ones.
That's not what you said. You said "The Regular Army did not want the Guard Roundout Brigades because Congress would have used them as an excuse to cut back on Regular Brigades if the Guard Brigades had shown well. That is also why they were not used in Iraqi Freedom as well and we were short on deployable units." There is nothing stated or implied about the initial invasion, and if you are talking about the initial invasion, it is a blatantly false statement. The TPFDD for OIF 1 was supposed to have 3+ heavy divisions, all active duty, but Rumsfeld cut the 1st CAV, and Turkey refused to allow 4th ID to transit, so the invasion began with only 3rd ID, and a brigade from 1st AD. There was no requirement for ARNG brigades in the TPFDD, other than the 5 infantry battalions that deployed as separate rifle companies to secure Patriot units and other rear area security missions.

I'm well aware of the units that were inactivated.

Originally Posted by Pruitt View Post
I was in Louisiana during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I am well aware that the 256th INFBDE was excused Hurricane duty because they were just back from Iraq. In point of fact, the Brigade served more than one tour in Iraq. After the last tour it was announced that the brigade would convert from a Mechanized Brigade to a Combat Support Brigade. After I wrote my Senators and Congressman to advise them that this was not a good deal, the Brigade was "saved" by conversion to an Infantry Brigade. I am not claiming responsibility/credit per se, but they knew me from many e-mails and letters over the years on defense/Guard matters. You won't find that in a web search. Besides, we have had change over since then and Charles Boustany is the only one still there. As a Leg Brigade, the 256th INFBDE no longer has the large number of trucks and vehicles it once had. A local contractor working on the interstate 210 in Lake Charles was using one he had bought still in its Guard Camo and unit markers.
I'm not sure what this has to do with anything.

Originally Posted by Pruitt View Post
Many of the posts in this forum have errors in them. Like your post quoted above which listed the 2/124 INF of the 53rd Brigade FLANG twice. I never once searched for my posts in this thread. If that offends you, too bad. Relax a little. This is just an internet forum.
Thanks for pointing out the typo- I've corrected it. There is a difference between a typo and blatantly false interpretations of what happened. I'm not offended, but you're just spewing inaccurate garbage. If you don't like being called on it, make sure you are right before you run off at the mouth with mis-information. That's the biggest issue with forums- anybody can post anything, and pretty soon it becomes gospel because it gets repeated and gets hits on search engines. Just doing my little piece of the work of correcting that mis-information.
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