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Originally Posted by TDK View Post
Where exactly did you find this information about the 3xCAB ABCT?
I mean what link in google?

As far as I know, it was a proposed part of sequestration. Whether it has gone beyond the proposal stage I do not know.

Originally Posted by berlin88
Here is the link to what I found on google.

In addtion to my seeking the latest TOE details for the ABCT (formerly HBCT), if anyone has recent TOE charts / numbers for the Infantry, Stryker, Division HQ Battalion, Fires, Sustainment and Aviation Brigades, those would be appreciated as well.
You might want to rethink that source. Considering the money that is about to be cut. Seems a bit unrealistic to be reactivating 2 Divisions and adding BCTs to the 7th as well as a bunch of other units in the regular army and guard.

Originally Posted by berlin88
Does anyone have a more recent version of FKSM 71-8 2011?
Probably not, FKSM stands for Fort Knox Supplemental Manual since the Armor School has moved from Fort Knox to Benning. I have a feeling the 2011 edition is it.
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