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Originally Posted by johns624 View Post
It's about time that they made combined arms battalions permanent units.
Previously, the Army was against a fulltime combined arms battalion, as they wanted to keep the Infantry and armor seperate. The Army wanted to be able to swap Infantry Battalions between the various brigades, so that meant keeping the infantry battalions intact. You can't take the HBCT Infatry battalion and put it in the IBCT if its half tank units.

For a time, the Army also wanted to be able to convert brigades from one type to another, such as IBCT to HBCT or HBCT to Stryker. They have done this on several occasions.

When converting to a 3 battalion armored brigade combat team, it was either the old format of 2x1 or 1x2, or a permanent combined arms battalions. The later thankfully won out, otherwise it would have been a brigade with more tanks than infantry or more infantry than tanks.
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