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Mud and Blood 2


I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this browser game yet.

OK this game is set in WW2 and play as the Americans defending of a series of German waves(possibly somewhere in France).

As a member of the forum and website community
I'll like to tell everyone about the game.
You are a commander of a small squad and deploy units and other things like artillery support as long as possible.

It is all birds-eye-view from top and the German offenders come from the bottom.

The units you deploy are costed by "TP" (tactical points) which you earn by every wave and something you do. You can move a specific unit to a place by clicking on it and clicking on the place you want him to move. All units have a status of health, rifle experience, morale, rank and experience which all depend deeply on how it fights.
The units can be a bazooka, mortar, officer, engineer, etc.
Most units all have a specific action like the engineer can construct bunkers, trenches, cam-nets, etc. Officers can give you the ability to order your troops to do something to enhance its fighting like concentrate fire, full back, etc. Signalers can call on support like artillery support, air superiority, etc. Medics can heal a unit(s) health status by being next to it.
The Germans have mostly the same units but also have different regular soldiers from different famous branches and division that have more better combat like Brandenburgers, PanzerGrenadiers, Wehrmacht, 12 panzer SS, etc.

I'm sure there's some members on this forum who play and even are well experience members on the MNB forum.

If you want to find out more about mud and blood 2,
visit the wiki,, or the website, .
If you want to find out more about more about the units go to
If you want to find out more about Engineer constructions go to
If you just want to play the game then go to

This is some of my game play.
And this is how brutal it can get.

Hope you like it.
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