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Originally Posted by Sergio View Post
You expressed an interest in what Indians/Native American/First Nations, etc, etc preferred to be called and pointed out that you had not seen a definitive answer to that.

And yet you find it inane to have someone say that there would be a variety of opinions because not all people think alike? That you could not see that point to begin with is surprising.

The point over labels, terms and names is that there is often a history to it and some of that is often negative. If some people prefer a different term then it is often understandable. Others might be ok with it. I would suggest that you reread post 15 by HMS Jr to get the point.

Asking for a definitive answer to what an entire group of people think is silly. An entire group will not all think alike - be it racial, religious, national, etc? It would have been a different question had you asked what proportion of people prefer a, b, c, etc.
And befriended many Natives, I find that they overwhelmingly prefer to be called by their names, or "Mister, Miss, Ms, " on a formal level.

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