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Originally Posted by Tyramon View Post

To pull out, redeploy and then move items across hostile waters and then redeploy and modify (to desert operations) and then incorporate ad hoc since this wasn't part of the plan condenses that year quite a bit.

Oh and they did not have the infrastructure to handle more. Also you can never forget the "reaction" from the Allies, the more resources the Axis puts in, the more the Allies will. That is a losing equation for the Axis.

TAG, I think Russia would have prevailed against Germany regardless, your scenario (in my mind) leads to possibly a closer immediate relationship postwar between the US and Germany, with the US/GB still intervening to keep Europe from going Red and setting up a HOT conflict between the Allies and USSR.
US priority is getting Stalin back in the fight, so they have to give him everything he demands, so they have left less to use against Germany.
Deploying 800 planes, 3 armoured and 3 light divisions to Sicily, Sardenia, Tunisia, Tripoli, Tobruk and Benghazi from France, Germany, Greece, etc, is no big deal. Despite extremely weak axis forces in the Med, strong Italian and German forces (including Tigers) were rapidly deployed to Tunisia after a beaten Rommel crawled back from el Alamein II.
In this scenario the LW promptly dominates the area, pummels Monty and the RN in Alexandria, stopping his offensive and provides time for the trucks, 88 mm, Tigers, Pz IV, etc, to arrive in el Alamein. Monty stops receiving materiel and begins losing tanks, etc, while the AK is rapidly reinforced.

In this scenario an extremely strong Germany in the Med is deploying much faster than it did when a beaten Rommel crawled back to Tripoli and entered Tunisia and the allies dominated the air (and hence the sea).

The meager aviation in Malta and Alexandria are promptly decimated and left without supplies, so most of the axis materiel shipped to Africa arrives safely. Tunisia expedites shipping enormously.

Tigers do not debut in a swampy area near Leningrad but in ideal terrain in Egypt, with axis air dominion. So even a dozen per Panzer division make a huge difference.

The allies have to ferry their fighters to Ghana and fly them across Africa to Egypt, so they cannot deploy nearly as fast as the axis. When the planes finally arrive, the mostly inexperienced pilots are promptly shot down by the larger, more experienced axis force.

Monty won only because he had complete quantitative superiority in air, tank, artillery (including SP guns), troops, etc, and the AK received no supplies through the Via Balbia because of RAF.
In this scenario he has none of that.
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