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Originally Posted by Draco View Post
In proportion to the number of German and Japanese divisions they encountered and the time they fought them (few and short battles), throughout the war British generals lost a lot more men (dead, captured and wounded) than Soviet generals. Only Italian generals before the arrival of the AK did worse in WW II.

It is Stalin's fault that millions of Soviets died, while the British and Americans watched. Even the British public felt bad about that fact in 1942, they would have certainly undertood Stalin's truce.
As an actual member of the British public I feel infinitely more qualified to judge how we would have reacted had Stalin thrown in the towel in 42.
The words "understanding" and "truce" would very definitely not have formed part of our response.

We fought the fascists non stop from East Africa (if you're talking about the axis forces as a whole) all the way to Austria and for almost one full year on both the Italian and the Western front.
We were fighting them while your role model,Stalin, was providing them with much needed assurances and resources whilst murdering whatever promising officers he was lucky enough to have.

There is one thing for sure,the UK and Commonwealth fought them through thick and thin,through defeat after defeat up until the end of 42 and thereafter going from victory to victory until finally we and our US allies were triumphant.

But we didn't stop there!

Once the barbarous Stalin and his reprehensible regime were seen for what they were we fought them too,not in pitched battle and perhaps only by proxy in far flung parts of the globe,but fight them we did.

They blinked first and we won that war too!

Nothing in your wet dream type fantasist "scenarios" can take that away from us.

WE WON,THEY LOST,imagine that; The soft and decadent capitalist West hammering the crap out of both of your heroes.
It's enough to make YOU weep.
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