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A year is plenty of time to close a weak front.

Hitler and all his generals and admirals know that they cannot continue to fight on two fronts.

The Germans never fortified heavily defenses in the long east front, they depended on mobility to encircle Soviet forces, which for a while were rather poor on the offensive, rapidly running out of steam after breaking through.

Hitler wasted a lot of valuable resources building the Atlantic wall (labour, steel, etc,), which he will not use in this scenario, since he is on the offensive.

Even with a ridiculous axis air force in the Med, it was such an RN pond that the allies sent millions of tons to Alexandria, India, Iran, Burma (before Japan took it), Malaya, etc, sailing around South Africa.
With a much larger air force and with bases in Tunisia and Morocco nothing other than RN subs enter the Med and those cannot be supplied.

The axis would have certainly defeated Britain in myriad scenarios. Here are 2.

1) Hitler does not waste the LW over Britain in 1940 with fighters without drop tanks (which the Germans had used long before the war), but send a large air force to the Med, closing it in August 1940 and enabling Italy to defeat the ridiculous force in Egypt.

2) Accepting Stalin's conditions to join the axis in Dec 1941, the Bosphorous, Iran, etc, which would have rapidly doomed Britain. Leaving the axis then to lead only with Stalin

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