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An open letter from a FPC Red Storm Dev.

I'm not going to beat on the myriad of dead horses attached to some of the banter in this thread. You can all work that yourselves.

All I am going to state are fact about our game, our team, and our support of the game.

1. All we have done in the past 14 odd months is continue to support the game, fix bugs, add user requested features, update documents, start a website for file hosting, and occasionally talk to our families. There are only 5 of us and only 3 that really hit the sites covering our game to get feedback and bug reports. Have I missed a few. No doubt, but we are still working and still grabbing reports.

2. We have stayed out of any of these flame wars and proxy flame wars. It's hard sometimes because the internet is the haven of free speech without the need for preemptive though. Folks say whatever, whenever, with no recourse in many cases. To be frank, we have stated to certain admins on more than one site that we don't care were the bug reports come from we would like to have them. We have swept nothing under a table at any time, nor have we wielded any Odin-like influence to have posts removed or folks banned. That's not our job or realistically our concern. As stated in #1 we are around to improve our game.

3. We have to live numerous inaccurate or convoluted half truths that get posted. Case in point, the post above stating An FPC developer even started a thread where participants were only allowed to gush about the good things within the game. So long as developers are more concerned with their egos than their wallets and thus close themselves off from the greater public, the greater public will keep their wallets closed to them. Now, I'm not looking to shoot the messenger here, but I do want to correct what is a very biased statement that paints us as some ego driven group of Devs. Let's parse this item out and fix it.
3.1 Yes we created a post to ask folks what they liked about the game. No guns to anyone's head on that. No one was site banned for a not positive post. We basically wanted to know what players liked in the game. Simple research. Works to help us going forward knowing what really worked for people so we can leave it alone going forward.
3.2 If we were being EGO driven we would have said, "hey, say nice things about us". That's ego. It's a wargame. There are no egos to stroke.
3.3 We aren't even concerned about our wallets. Again, computer wargame. No one's getting rich and moving to Maui with this stuff. As stated in #1, we just want to make a good game people like to play.
3.4 We have expand into the "greater public" with the Steam release. We would like to get as much exposure for the game as we can so we get a few more shillings tossed in the guitar case. We are not looking to shutdown any paths in that regard.

So to boil this down I don't know how a post on positive feedback = egos = us ditching the public, but perhaps my work day was too long and I'm too tired to see the logic.

Herman, as a personal note, I'm not looking to tangle. Just fix a statement that is not accurate that other will read. I'll say it right here in public that you have been a big help in getting a number of bugs found and fixed and we have made that clear in other circles. Hopefully we will see you posting again in the future, but if not we understand and there are other things in this life other then Red Storm.

I'm off the soapbox and need to work on the game. Enjoy Folks!
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