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Originally Posted by Redwolf View Post
I hope you don't under-estimate how bad memory I have If it makes heavy use of random icons it can be very hard for me to learn. I'll have a look Saturday.
FPC uses both NATO icons as well as stylized images, but it isn't too difficult to distinguish between a Bradley and an M-1 Abrams.

Originally Posted by Redwolf View Post
There must be a way to un-wedge some of this deep pit that wargaming is in. I don't think we can count on Matrix (which then includes wargamer) or BFC. You would think that available software tools would make a pass at an open source game possible. But my attempts so far uncover a lot of ugliness in the tools, too. They have a lot of hardcoded things in there for other game types.
The wargame industry is in its current malaise due solely to its own making. So long as there are sufficient customers willing to spend money on computer wargames released in terrible condition, you will get games like Modern Naval Operations and World in Flames. The customer base has no one to blame but themselves.

With site owners like GrogHeads (a.k.a. Son of WarGamer) and developers actively stifling any meaningful discussion of games, this self-destructive trend will continue. An FPC developer even started a thread where participants were only allowed to gush about the good things within the game. So long as developers are more concerned with their egos than their wallets and thus close themselves off from the greater public, the greater public will keep their wallets closed to them.
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