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Originally Posted by Legate View Post
Finland has an army?
Ever hear of The Winter War? When the giant red army invaded Finland during WW2. The Fins invented the molotov cocktail during this war and though HEAVILY outnumbered AND outgunned, they stopped the Soviet advances later in the 105 day war. Also during this was the greatest sniper of all time, Simo Hayha. Dubbed "The White Death" by the Red Army, Hayha recorded 505 confirmed kills during the 105 day war. This is the highest number of recorded kills by any sniper, ever. He did this using iron sights on a modified mosin-nagant that he modified himself because he was only 5 ft 3. Hayha was shot in the jaw and the bullet exited his head. His fellow soldiers brought him to the rear with "half his head missing." He regained conciousness seven days later and was promoted from Cpl to 2LT haha

EDIT: He also had an additional 200 confirmed kills with his sub machine gun. I didn't know that and now he is even more badass in my mind hahaha.

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