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Originally Posted by Pruitt View Post

I won't argue with a true believer....If you think this is what happened, go ahead and think so.

It's called the primacy effect, You see most people once they lbelieve they understand something automatically dicount any subsequent information that disagrees with it. Hence the term only one chance to make a 1rst impression. Generally most people subconsciously shut their mind off from all disagreeing information.

I also at first thought Custer was a knuckle head but if you actually read the pros and cons, and way them OBJECTIVELY you find the guy was incredibly analytical and reflective probably an ENTP personality type. Ever read his book? He sounds nothing like an egotistical self promoter, he points out his flaws, and mistakes on plenty of occasions. He held the Indians with cautious respect and empathized with them and tried to keep casualties to a minimum, Washita was to be a blood bath per his orders. but only between 30 and 90 Indians were killed, the 161 number was completely pulled out of Custers butt, to appease Sherman and Grant. He also knew indians were just as corrupt and political as the white men, and he could not justify their culture that promoted torture, rape, kidnapping and murder.

Try Reading more than just the oped pieces that support the first thing you were told. I started out learning from the point that he was wrong, but as I read more and more, and more and actually started to make correlations, he and especially the court of inquiry cover up. Lt. Godfrey, the Court Reporter published accounts of the corruption of the inquiry. Most of the Soldiers that testified later changed their stories when they were no longer subject to repercussions from the Grant Government.

Also now that the Indian narratives are out there about the battle you can correlate who was their, when they were there and what was going on.
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