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Got through some of Subway Runner. It is a big addition to the game although I had a few issues with it. Two new exterior subway stations swallowed a couple raiders and a Super Mutant Behemoth. Besides that it was fun. One of the new stations had to have had 30+ ghouls. You run into a ton of Legendary creatures; I am playing on the super hard difficulty though. The layout is very claustrophobic. You kinda feel like you are stuck underground trying to find your way out.

After that I thought it would have been neat if one of the stations was completely overrun with radroaches and those crickets from Nuka-World...dozens of them. Something where waves of them keep coming at you.

Also, I ran into a few new ghouls from the Deadly Ghouls of the Commonwealth mod. Had 8 or so hit me all at once including a few Ambushers. That was fun and fast paced. I want to see what the ghoul feral child is like.

I forgot about ArcJet and will check it out next time I get to play.
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