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andrewza has a spectacular aura about [400]
andrewza has a spectacular aura about [400]
a border wall on the cheap.

Durban – For hours the driver in a silver Isuzu double-cab attempted to jump the border.

Driving without the lights on, the man tried to find a spot in the fence along the border with Mozambique to slip across.

Each time his attempt was thwarted as car-tracking vehicles and SA National Defence Force (SANDF) personnel closed in on the hijacked car.

Hours earlier the Verulam-registered double-cab had been hijacked in Gauteng, and the race was on for the criminal syndicate to make it to Mozambique.

Eventually at 4am on November 27 the driver got desperate. He floored the accelerator and aimed the vehicle at the cattle fence that divides the border, but never made it.

The double-cab hit a line of boulders, and was trapped on a large rock. The driver escaped, but the recovered vehicle had become the latest success of Operation Ilitshe.

What had stopped the Isuzu was a weapon so simple many are surprised it works.

It is a line of rocks along sections of the fence line, and authorities say it has reduced the number of stolen vehicles crossing the border by a fifth.

Between Muzi and Farazela in northern KwaZulu-Natal is a 26km stretch of border where most of South Africa’s stolen and hijacked vehicles leave the country.

For a long time this has been smuggling territory. In the 1990s, gun runners brought weapons into South Africa. Criminals began trafficking drugs, contraband, humans and lately, vehicles.

Lieutenant-Colonel Wollie Wolmarans of Joint Operations KwaZulu-Natal tactical headquarters, said hijackers usually used one of two methods to cross the border.
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