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Earth Liberation coming soon to Steam Early Access (demo available)

Hi! We are Vladimir and Nikolai from PoRovoz studios. Were developing Earth Liberation, a dynamic RTS game that can challenge the skills of seasoned gamers. Its a throwback to RTS classics we all love. We took the parts we think made them fun: straightforward economy, rapid decision making, constant enemy pressure, and good air/ground balance. The game quickly got through Steam Greenlight (, and were preparing an Early Access release for December 15.
But even before the Early Access launch you can try out our game! Weve prepared a demo version and we would like to invite you play it and help us to liberate the Earth from the reptilian force!

Demo can be downloaded from:
Our website -
IndieDB - -

We hope you enjoy it, and were looking forward to your feedback. Well keep you updated about our progress and the upcoming Early Access.
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