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Jason Petho is on the path to success [1-99] Jason Petho is on the path to success [1-99]
Battlefields of Old - Turn 3

Off to the west, my reconnaissance battalion is advancing towards the border. I am being fairly aggressive here, not saving a lot of action points for Opportunity Fire with the idea that I'm not expecting too much out here so early in the game.

At Harf el Abaisl, my infantry company is supported by a tank company and will find a whole to cross through the barrier. I have a few 85mm anti-tank guns that I have unloaded that has Line of Sight over the border, in case any Libyan armour comes into view.

Along the main hard surfaced route, I've moved my PT-76 platoons ahead of the main advance, hopefully providing the intelligence I need to make some informed decisions. So far, the advance moves forward as planned.

After Fort Cappuzo, I will head north with most of my force to capture Musaid and Umm Sa'ad. I'm going to split my force here, one heading west, the other heading northwest directly towards Umm Sa'ad, hopefully they can get across the border at the break in the anti-tank ditch north of Bir Carmuidet Hmeid. If all goes well, I will attack Umm Sa'ad with from two sides.

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