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Battlefields of Old - Turn 2

Here is an overview of the end of turn 2. I have pulled out of Sollum in the east and using the cover of the elevation change to advance those forces. In the center, I am advancing across the desert slowly and have secured the main hard surfaced west-east road, which will help with movement. That shouldn't be a surprise, as I am not expecting to see any Libyans until I cross the border.

Far off to the west is a small oasis that had some troops stationed. You can see a Libyan armoured car at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, I have nothing to take them out here.

Between the oasis and the main area of advance is a terrain feature called Hatiyet el Maalik. I have a reconnaissance battalion advancing towards the border and hopefully onto the dirt road that is on the other side of the border.

Here is a close up of my advance towards Fort Capuzzo, it is north of the edge of the screenshot. I am advancing with elements of an infantry company, hopefully providing me Line of Sight as I close into the fort. With the desert terrain, this will be a slow process.

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