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Originally Posted by Cap'n Darwin View Post
3.1 Yes we created a post to ask folks what they liked about the game. No guns to anyone's head on that. No one was site banned for a not positive post. We basically wanted to know what players liked in the game. Simple research. Works to help us going forward knowing what really worked for people so we can leave it alone going forward.
Pure nonsense. You're getting plenty of feedback on your 'research'. You just choose to ignore it.

Take, for example, all the feedback posted regarding the 30min Command delays for movement orders. It is pretty much the first question out of every new player's mouth either on bulletin boards or via PBEM messages. When even the newliest noob can identify how bad this behaviour is, the game has a problem.

Instead of just fixing the problem, it is simply ignored. If you want (or dare) to follow your 'research', make it a Game Play Option, like Emergency Supply or Unlimited Orders.

H - Disable Delay for Movement Orders
Then sit back and watch how many players turn it off on the PBEM++ online server matches. I suspect that few, if any, will actually want to play with the 30min delay enforced.

Personally, I think that most new players have left the game in frustration due primarily to this delay function. I can't even blame them since sitting there immobile and watching the enemy blast you with artillery for nearly 50% of the game is hardly fun.

It is no wonder folks are devoting time and effort to finding ways around this delay impediment, such as keeping units in perpetual motion or fiddling with delayed waypoints so as not to fall victim to the 30min delays.
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