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Originally Posted by Shamil View Post
The historical dichotomy west vs Russia is a pure propagandist myth invented inside Russia to manipulate local narrow-minded public from the bottom of Russian social hierachy.
Are you trying to sell me that the French, German invasion are just a myth, that there were no theories stating that Russians are subhumans in nazist Germany and Great Britain? Are you suggesting that NATO (a military alliance) and its infrastucture are just chilling out by the Russian borders. By its mere existence NATO is intended to curb somebody and who is that? Iran? Russia is aggressive, isn't it? That's the main and the only reason of the NATO existence. The "belligerence" of Russia seems to be an axiom for you but a theory or assumption for me and it can be worked with. This belligerence if any is bound to originate from the Russian collective unconsciousness and if it is correct in general it should be valid also in particular. So I ask myself am I belligerent? Do I wish Russia to sudue its' neighbours? Nope. Do my parents and friends think to this effect? Nope.

I suggest that you condescend from the heights of your intelligence and social hierachy and give a tiny bit of consideration to the possibility that it is in the interests of some of the west's ruling elites to make a bugaboo of Russia. They can all do it for different reasons some promote the vested interests of their military cliques, others capitalize on the anti-Russian sentiments 'cause it is the shortest way to power etc. In Russia the current regime does the same thing and it sometimes seems to me (and not only to me) that the west needs Putin while he needs the west (in its worst manifestation) in order to retain the power. So we let them use us as guinea pigs.
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